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This was all I packed for our trip to Amsterdam.
I'm a firm believer in packing super light when it comes to traveling, I prefer to not check my bags because I'm always so anxious to get out & explore my new surroundings when I arrive at a destination airport. Waiting for a bag at a carousel is like chewing on tinfoil as I impatiently bop around waiting for my stuff to roll around, and I'm always worried that the bag is never going to actually show up (I've never had a lost bag, but what if, dude?!). So in my efforts to keep things moving, I've devised a system that makes packing SO much easier. Allow me to demonstrate...


This is a typical week's-worth of stuff that I'd bring with me on my primary carry-on (not including personal "shtuff" because nobody wats to see that). Here's the deal: you don't need to bring a bajillion different things with you when you can just rotate a bunch of really great basics. I always wear my heaviest garments while I'm traveling, not only does it avoid the extra bulk in my bag, it also prepares me for when the flight is freeeezing, which it usually is, and those flight blakets they give you do NOT cut it. In this case, I'd wear my two sweaters, my scarf and my boots on the plane, & then pack everything else.

Now, I'll assume a lot of you usually pack your clothes in folded stacks, as shown above, but here's the secret to getting more space in your bag...


Rolling them clothes up!
Not only does this avoid a good amount of wrinkling, it also gives you way more space in your bag, you can create even more room if you roll stuff together (i.e. rolling shirts together, pants etc...). Line the bottom of the bag with your garments and arrange accessories accordingly.



Giveaway Time!

And now, my dearies, a chance for you to win my absolute favorite travel bag! Isabella makes some seriously rad bags that remind me of traveling down a dusty road in Arizona. The Adele is one of my favorite all-purpose carry-alls, and now I'm partnering up with Isabella Fiore to give away one of these beautiful bags to a lucky reader! All ya gotta do is 'like' Isabella on Facebook for your initial entry, and then check back every day for a chance to earn yourself more entries! You can follow Isabella on Twitter for +1 entry, or, if you're feeling ballsy, tweet at us for +3 entries! Super easy-peasy, contest ends on 10/23, so be sure to check back every day until then!

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  1. I have the same anxiety about if my luggage will actually show up on that damn carousel. I have a flight back to New York tomorrow and I'm ALREADY panicking!

    So jealous you're going to Amsterdam- it's one of the most fun places I've ever been.

    Ava Tallulah

  2. Great giveaway! I like your tips for packing too, I always pack so much to go on trips! Definitely an over packer :)

  3. Oh hey, I've been a carry-on only traveler for years. Nothing like it when you need to suddenly switch flights, or walk a mile to your hotel. And I can't imagine schlepping a huge amount of luggage across London on the Tube!

    I always used to roll my clothes until I ran across bundle packing, which is truly amazing. Check out - I've traveled three weeks through China in a carry-on using that guy's packing method.

  4. i really love your strappy ballerina flats! :)

  5. i really love your strappy ballerina flats! :)

  6. Hope you enjoy your trip, there's nothing like exploring a new place.I think every body hates those carosels at the airport! thanks for the giveaway and I'm following them on twitter.


  7. Great tips! I always have 'but what if I need this random item?' insecurities when I pack and then I end up packing wayyy too much!

    <3 Melissa

  8. Amazing!

  9. I'm a total roller too when I pack. Though for thinner items (like t-shirts etc) I like to lay a few of them down in a stack and roll them all together. Works like a charm!

  10. You look great! ^.^
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  11. Amazing! I love your shoes too :)
    GFC/FB: Simo zimunita
    I don't have a twitter account

  12. Great giveaway!entered,thanks


  13. Enter me
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  15. enter me please
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  16. entered thanks ^^
    GFC Francesca Scirpoli

  17. I'm hoping to go to Norway with just a carry on!!

  18. What brand backpack do you have there? Cute!

  19. ohhh i love both of your bags! and travel outfit. those flats are to die for.



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