Curls on Film


Oh, the infinite dorkiness that I am...
I had a chit chat with the Paul Mitchell folks about my #CurlConfession and what it means to be a Curly-Q. I'm a firm believer in totally embracing your curls & flaunting your natural texture.

Share your own #CurlConfession ova on the Paul Mitchell FB page & tell me you agree!!

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  1. dorky but super chic and cute..

    from another curly and dorky..:)

  2. I love curly hair. Mine is too long now for my natural curls to break through. I'm due for a cut any day now. You know on those horrid tv adverts where they show a woman with frizzy curly hair and then they say use this product and you'll have sleek straight hair, I actually prefer the frizzy natural curliness. So much more attitude.

    Don't fight the frizz.




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