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Forever 21 blouse, Pinkyotto Shorts, Rebecca Minkoff Swing bag, Candela shoes, Asos hat, Giles & Brother Railroad Spike cuff

Seeing double?

I know this hat makes appearances on this blog a whole mess of a lot as it is, but as the summer wears on I find myself becoming more and more concerned with sun protection. This hat compensates for when my sunscreen wears off for sure! I don't mind throwing it on with everything knowing that I've got shade on my head at all times.

Giles & Brother sent over the cuff the other day and I have been wearing it almost as much as my hat this week.  I've been a huge fan of Giles & Brother ever since I found one of their nut & bolt bracelets on the sidewalk last year while I was walking home in Brooklyn. Unfortunately I came to lose it myself after months on non-stop wear, but that just made me geek out even more when the sibling design team behind the brand, Courtney (Giles) & Philip (Brother) Crangi, contacted me. Their use of historical references in their incredibly personal collections is incredibly inspiring. I can't help but love how they made something as crass and angry-looking as a nail look so delicate and chic while you wear it, and the ends of the nail peek out from the sides of your wrist.

 On this particularly lovely afternoon, JustinBonnieChristina & I met up and beat the heat by first visiting the Rebecca Minkoff offices for Ben & Jerry's frozen yogurt (the Banana + PB flavor is the best frozen yogurt I've ever had) and then hitting up the Cynthia Vincent boutique on Elizabeth street for snowcones (Thanks Angie!!). I had a "Tiger Blood" snowcone, which is strawberry & coconut syrup (to die for), but the winner was the Birthdaycake snowcone, which tasted like everything in Coldstone Creamery combined. Weirdly fantastic & much needed on a summer afternoon.

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  1. Lovely hat and bag! Great photos :)

  2. The hat is beautiful and it's really good protection of sun.


  3. gorgeous photos!

  4. Cute looks, love the top, shorts and bag. :)
    Love the pics, I looove the sweet, so cute and yummmy lookin! ♥
    LOL, I knew Bonnie was in one of the pics, I can spot that girl! lol.
    Love the last pic :)

  5. Another great look! Love those shoes!

  6. totally in love with your outfit :)

  7. Oh my goodness love your colored shorts!


  8. I totally thought of you in this hat when I went to order a sort of navy blue hat that's similar to it. Love your blog! x

    Giveaway on my blog! Check it out :)
    Vote for me in the MinkPink Suped Up Slasher contest!

  9. Cool shoes and hat!
    You look great! :)



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