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 I've partnered up with Model Lounge & Teen Vogue again this season to prep and survive NYFW just like the working models running all over the city are doing this week. Now, aside from the Polyvore Live show I'll be walking in next Monday (EEEE!!) I'm not a full-time model, but I have modeled a bit part-time since high school (my red hair is actually a product of a past modeling job!) and I am an absolute WRECK during Fashion Week if I don't have my basics for survival during a whole week of days that basically go from 6 am to midnight (with classes in the afternoon) and involves me traveling all over the city. It's super fascinating to see Fashion Week through the scope of a model's career because they are some of the hardest working girls during the week, especially when they have multiple shows everyday for a whole week that they have to rush to constantly! Click below to see and read more and see




Onitsuka Tiger sneaks & Ugg Slippers (I cannot stress that enough) and from l to r:
Schick Quattro Trim Style, Whitening Wisps, Redken Anti-Snap repair mask, Vaseline lip therapy balm & lotion, Nimble bars, Dr.Scholls Fast Flats

So what Model Lounge does is provide a space in NYC for Models who are in-between castings to relax and grab a snack or drink. They also provide workshops for walking in shows and presenting themselves well in castings. For Fashion Week, they always give the girls a portfolio tote and some supplies for keeping prepped and ready for work. This season, Teen Vogue helped curate the prep gear along with Ugg Australia, who provided some shoes from their Spring collection along with Onitsuka Tiger for some before-and-after work footwear to save their feet. Sneakers for running to shows & castings, slippers for after a long day walking. Smart, no?

The grooming products are pretty self-explanatory; relief from over-processing and product overload wth Redken's hair masque, Nimble bars for lasting energy throughout the day, fast flats for platform relief and lotion to keep your skin soft and even. But another important addition I forgot to photograph was the Calvin Klein invisible nude thong that is basically the most necessary thing ever when you're wearing clothes for a living. It totally disappears on your body, and really, that's how underwear should be anyway.

Allow me to take a moment to talk about Uggs here. I have always identified these shoes as slippers- as in, they are the most comfy shoes on the planet, yet they shouldn't really be worn outside the realm of lounging or running to get groceries or do laundry. In this case, they relieve any aches that might come after a long day of shows. Totally necessary. But these sneakers you guys, SO AWESOME!! Like Marants only sportier and, well, flat. I love these things, and they're great for when girls have to literally run to their next job aaaaaand still look cool as ever, you might see me rocking mine this week!

So NYFW kicks off this Thursday, are you guys excited to follow any shows in particular? I'll for sure be documenting my journey on here for you lovelies! Until then, catch y'alls later!

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  1. love the tennis shoes with the fringe! good luck on the runway!!

  2. Those sneakers are super cute and so perfect for NYC!

  3. Never seen fringing on trainers before, love itt!! xx

  4. Fast flats are honestly a major lifesaver! Best of luck!

  5. I so love your blog! I see you just got nominated as top blogger by denimblogger. Super cool. I'm 14 years old & blogging about teen fashion from London in the UK. I hope my blog can be like yours one day. Tx.

  6. You should put some native American beads on the end!! So cool!



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