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So here are some shots from backstage at Milly and Nanette Lepore. I prefer shooting backstage than the actual show sometimes because sometimes you find yourself in the middle of a learning experience! Despite all the chaos, the makeup artists from both shows were able to provide me with some really great tricks and tips along with the looks the designers were looking to achieve for the season.

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Both shows, interestingly enough, had their girls wearing a colored smokey eye with a clean face. At Milly, makeup artist Romy Soleimani went for a "slept in but pretty" look. This was achieved by blending 3 MAC pencils: Smolder, Fly by Blue and Marine. Everything was swept up into the crease while the Smolder pencil was pressed into the lash line. This was really interesting to me because Milly is always known for incorporating a strong lip, but not this season! The makeup really complimented the looks perfectly. Over at Nanette, we saw the same sort of smokey eye, except this time it was a royal peacocky purple. Both shows had the girls with their hair up and out of the way. At Milly, the goal was to provoke a sense that the girls were luxe but not too fussy. The girl for the season goes out and looks effortless but always has that extra touch of glamor.

When things quieted down and the girls were lined up to make their first run-through, I was lamenting to one of the makeup artists about how perfect everyone's skin looked and how I can never get my skin to look perfectly even and dewy. He told me the best way to go would to make my own tinted moisturizer from some foundation and basic moisturizer, which is something I have always wanted to futz with, but since I don't really wear foundation, I never know what the perfect formula is...until know

Urban Decay Surreal Skin Cream-to-Powder Foundation, bitches!! Reason? It goes on smooth and then totally mattes out naturally once it's applied. I just mixed it with my favorite basic moisturizer from Kiehl's and it works perfectly.




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  1. i love the look! that highlighter is amazing

  2. As a producer I always get this question: "Would you like a seat in the front?"
    I reply "no, in the backstage".
    You can see the lookbook-like pics on anyway ;)

  3. Wonderful photos and amazing tips!! I will definitely be trying the smokey eye liner combo and mixing my foundation + moisturizer! :)

    Amazing blog, btw!

  4. I feel that mustard and yellow are going to be colors of spring season 2021

  5. great shots!! I totally agree that all the fashion show pics can be seen everywhere. backstage is where the magic happens.
    sonia kashuk radiant is a tinted moisturizer that has worked awesome for me!



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