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2011 was pretty much a whirlwind of a year for me. Between completely changing my major to focus on fashion studies, to watching my blog grow with me and my adventures, I find myself meeting new experiences every week, and I've loved every second of it. In trying to keep things from getting sappy, I thought I'd share a few things I'm looking forward to in 2012, and that means SPRING! Specifically, spring dressing! So take a gander with me as I go through some fave collections for the upcoming year.
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In the Navy Yard





ph. by Christina
Pavonine top, Lucca Couture shorts, Elizabeth & James jacket, UO tights, Porter Grey Jacket, Rebecca Minkoff Racy bag, 80%20 boots Lulu Frost Plaza necklace

More shots from the Free People visit!
Temperatures have significantly gone down since then and seeing myself in shorts is making me cold!   Nevertheless, it was beautiful out when we shot these, the sun was juuuuust at that golden hour, and the sun was going creeping down below the horizon at thePhiladelphia Navy Yard where the FP offices are located. It really is one of the coolest places to work ever.

How I managed to sneak all of my favorite pieces into one ensemble I'll never know, one of them being my Lulu Frost Plaza pendant, which I'm mad about. Lisa Salzer designed her plaza collection with letters and numbers taken from the historic Plaza Hotel when it closed briefly for renovations in 2005. It's very near and dear to my heart partially because I grew up reading Eloise, but also because my mom & I would take trips uptown to visit the hotel during free afternoons when I was younger. It's really a wonderful piece to wear even if it's just with jeans and a tee.
Everything else is on constant rotation and worn at least once a week. I'm OBSESSED with this Pavonine top and my 80%20 Rina boots, they're super easy to just throw on when you need proportional experimentation or just comfy basics.


Jenni Kayne Pre-Fall 2012











Jenni Kayne, via Elle.com

Jenni Kayne's work has always been deliciously wearable, I love this cozy-yet-refined take on (almost) pajama dressing for Fall & Winter

Oh, and bonus points for looks that go well with the Warby Parker sunglasses I adore so much


Tee Week: StyleMint Giveaway




StyleMint tee, Ani Lee dress

Loves my basics! There's so much possibility in dressing up or down a perfect T.

Congrats to Ariel for winning last week's AGAIN Apparel giveaway!
Now I have another one for you guys!

StyleMint and I are teaming up to gift one of my readers their perfect T!  Here's what you need to enter:

Must be a follower via Bloglovin' to enter
1. Create a StyleMint account by following this Link
2. Once you've created your account, comment below with your favorite T Shirt from your personalized Showroom to let me know you've entered

I'll choose a winner by random on Monday 12/26 and contact the winner via email!


Tee Week: Ponchito Case








StyleMint tee, UO cargo jacket, Quiksilver ponchito, Sparkle & Fade jeans, ASH boots, AK Vintage bodychain, MINT hat

New York has been very, very warm lately. This has put me in a constant state of disillusion when it comes to dressing and going out in general. Last year I was huddled up in my dorm room about 90% of the time, dreading the thought of heading out for a slice of pizza after recovering from final compositions and projects. Nowadays, rather than it being around 22º and miserable, it's a whopping 55º and sunny. I ask you, WHAT. IS. THIS?! Dude I'm making sure every scrap of paper in this apartment to post-consumer product and making sure I unplug everything at night because the climate change is happening. This is the loveliest NYC winter I've ever had, but it can't be good. It's too nice.

I shouldn't be complaining though, because this gives me a wonderful opportunity to break out le ponchito, it's so comfy it's practically a wearable blanket, but not in the Snuggie sort of way. No, this thing is golden! And T week continues! Adding in more prints this time with my StyleMint Prince tee (Prints with Prince!), yes I went there. This color is really lovely, it's a neutral brown with a little more pink in it, so another way to go is to go in the opposite end of the spectrum and wear mostly white with it. 

I grabbed some coffee and did some last-minute gift shopping with my buds Dan & Simone before I head up to Buffalo tomorrow to visit my family & the bf's family for Christmas & Hanukkah. It'll be nice to make latkes with my Dad in the morning and then head to the beau's later on for Christmas dinner, only downside is it'll be much, much colder than it is here.


Tee Week: classique/éclectique










StyleMint striped tee, Oscar de la Renta button-up, Jenny Bird clutch & cocktail ring, DKNY trench
Day: BDG jeans, ASH boots
Night: Gap shorts, vintage cardigan

 Aww yeah, breaking out the long sleeves! I had to order this StyleMint striped shirt because it's one of those basics that everyone absolutely needs, and my closet has been barren of stripes for far, far too long. Ever since I was little, my mom reminded me that the rule was, aside from the occasional charming print of victorian woodcut animals or letters on your clothes, one should always have at least one plaid, one striped and (maybe) one polka dot shirt in your repertoire. I decided to go the extra mile and pair my stripes with my plaids and keep everything else totally solid.

To dress things up, I brought along my Jenny Bird leather clutch and Dionysus cocktail ring. I love Jenny's accessories, her bags are made from amazing leather and I love how tongue-in-cheek this coin ring is! Dionysus is the Greek god of Wine and merriment, so I love wearing this piece to a party or a fun outing. Wearing it with the multiple prints made it even more of a party!

So I've got some first purchase goodies for you guys:

Use the promocode LUNE (all caps) for 15% off your first purchase on StyleMint!
Use promocode DELUNE50 (all caps again) over at Jenny Bird for 50% off the coin collection!


Tee Week: DIY cardigan wrap skirt




StyleMint tee, Lilla P Origami wrap, a+ro snood, JewelMint pomander necklace

I don't really like to seriously dress up for the holidays, I just wanna be comfortable enough! Lilla P's Origami top can be used a thousand and one ways as a top, but I wanted to stretch its versatility and wrap it as a skirt. Just wrap the ends, tie them at the front and tuck in the sleeves! Boom! You could do this with any cardigan, but this one has those extra long sides that easily wrap around for enough coverage.

Keppin' things simple, I paired it with my AMAZING Mulholland top from StyleMint. This one is my absolute favorite out of the Style Profile I was given, they really hit the nail on the head with this one! Not only is it super comfortable, but it's got the right amount of detailing to make it a polished basic. If you log in to StyleMint, use the promocode LUNE (all caps) for 15% off your first purchase!


Tee Week: Basically






StyleMint tee, Forever 21 denim shirt, Jcrew blazer, A+Ro snood, vintage rings, Club Monaco sequin shorts, Aldo heels, thrifted ponyhair clutch, Jewelmint pomander necklace

I have a serious love for just dressing up basics, but it's actually really hard for me to find simple T Shirts that have just the correct amount of structure and/or slouchyness to just throw on, maybe tuck into a pair of jeans and go.

 Enter: StyleMint

Ever heard of it? Now you have, and you will thank me 'cause it's GREAT. It makes your life easier by giving you a Showroom selection of T Shirts that are chosen based on a quick Style Profile that you create. Each T Shirt is designed by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who have come together to bestow their impeccable taste to create the most perfect basics ever for $29.99 each. It's kinda cool to see your style reflected in the selection chosen for you, and it makes you wanna buy the whole Showroom! 

I wore my Newbury Ivory tee with more layered basics to tone down the glitz of my Club Monaco shorts. Interestingly enough, I tend to only wear these shorts in the fall and/or winter, partially because I'm crazy, but also because they look great with nubby wool and a cooler palate. Throw on a cheetah clutch & it's a party!!

PS- As a special goodie for you guys, use the promocode LUNE (all caps) for a 15% off your first StyleMint purchase now until December 31st! Start off the New Year with some new Ts!



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