Tee Week: DIY cardigan wrap skirt




StyleMint tee, Lilla P Origami wrap, a+ro snood, JewelMint pomander necklace

I don't really like to seriously dress up for the holidays, I just wanna be comfortable enough! Lilla P's Origami top can be used a thousand and one ways as a top, but I wanted to stretch its versatility and wrap it as a skirt. Just wrap the ends, tie them at the front and tuck in the sleeves! Boom! You could do this with any cardigan, but this one has those extra long sides that easily wrap around for enough coverage.

Keppin' things simple, I paired it with my AMAZING Mulholland top from StyleMint. This one is my absolute favorite out of the Style Profile I was given, they really hit the nail on the head with this one! Not only is it super comfortable, but it's got the right amount of detailing to make it a polished basic. If you log in to StyleMint, use the promocode LUNE (all caps) for 15% off your first purchase!


Zoey H said...

That is the craziest! I like that color too!


Kelly said...

ahh amazing! you just saved one of my old loose/long cardigans from the donation box! need to try this!!


L'art said...

This is such a great idea! Love it! It looks great on you.


Kate said...

Such a great idea! Love the layered look it gives!

Chaucee said...

I really like this skirt! The folds and the color are so beautiful.

Natalie Suarez said...

beautiful baby!! I MISS YOU xx pics came out HOTBALLS OF FIYA


Under the Fluorescents said...

that is seriously the most creative idea ever! i have never seen anything like this since Aquamarine when she turned a long sleeve shirt into a dress lol


Bog-Bog said...

Great idea! Looks so good!


Ana Magdalena said...

thanks for the idea, i must try this.


wacks said...

nice color!i love it.!
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Tiffany Elam said...

This is a great outfit. Love what you've done with this top too- it's so versatile.



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