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StyleMint tee, UO cargo jacket, Quiksilver ponchito, Sparkle & Fade jeans, ASH boots, AK Vintage bodychain, MINT hat

New York has been very, very warm lately. This has put me in a constant state of disillusion when it comes to dressing and going out in general. Last year I was huddled up in my dorm room about 90% of the time, dreading the thought of heading out for a slice of pizza after recovering from final compositions and projects. Nowadays, rather than it being around 22º and miserable, it's a whopping 55º and sunny. I ask you, WHAT. IS. THIS?! Dude I'm making sure every scrap of paper in this apartment to post-consumer product and making sure I unplug everything at night because the climate change is happening. This is the loveliest NYC winter I've ever had, but it can't be good. It's too nice.

I shouldn't be complaining though, because this gives me a wonderful opportunity to break out le ponchito, it's so comfy it's practically a wearable blanket, but not in the Snuggie sort of way. No, this thing is golden! And T week continues! Adding in more prints this time with my StyleMint Prince tee (Prints with Prince!), yes I went there. This color is really lovely, it's a neutral brown with a little more pink in it, so another way to go is to go in the opposite end of the spectrum and wear mostly white with it. 

I grabbed some coffee and did some last-minute gift shopping with my buds Dan & Simone before I head up to Buffalo tomorrow to visit my family & the bf's family for Christmas & Hanukkah. It'll be nice to make latkes with my Dad in the morning and then head to the beau's later on for Christmas dinner, only downside is it'll be much, much colder than it is here.


  1. A lovely post! The weather is warm here in VA, as well. It is usually frigid around this time, but today it was upper 60s!! I love your outfit. "Tee Week" is such a clever idea.


  2. Such great pictures, love the body jewelry/necklace. And ARE YOU INSANE!? I were a dang huge quilted jacket at 60 something degrees. That's what I get for being from Florida I guess. Great post girl!

  3. I love this bodychain!!! I send you an email when Pose mag is online :) Thanks again!
    xoxo and merry christmas!

  4. i love this look, your hat is so adorable!


  5. More and more surprised and delighted by Quiksilver's womens apparel this season. Love your layering!


  6. You're so gorgeous! Love the jacket a looottttt!


  7. i like the first photo so much, you look so lovely :)

  8. ı lıke your blog ı m new here pls follow me also=)

  9. Yay, I found a fellow redhead blogger :) Loving the layering you did here, and I've been searching for a cargo jacket just like that!

  10. Yeah NYC weather has been crazy these days, I love the brown T and the body chain is gorgeous. I hope you had a great time with your dad and your bf's family. Happy Holidays Claire!

    Nicole D.
    The Owl Girl



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