Dose of Spring


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Thank you, Taylor Halcomb :]
Diane Vintage dress c/o DVF, Mike Gonzalez turban headband, Jcrew socks, Joie boots

Diane Von Furstenberg & Stylelist sent this dress over and I am just dying. Can spring just BE HERE already?! I wore this piece on an especially warm day here in NYC, but it has yet to be consistent enough to just rock this frock & nothing else. Seriously dude let's get the 60+ & sunny up in here more,please.

I love how this shade of brown looks with blue, hence the turban, which is great since I am secretly inept when it comes to head scarves & junk like that.










Just a few of my favorite things
Urban Vibe vest, thrifted no-name dress, skull ring via LAS, eye ring via Etsy, various stuff given to me by my grandmother, meditation beads from Toronto, woven band from new Mexico, Forever 21 chain bib necklace, thrifted gold tassel necklace, antique pin knife and silver dial pendant, Marc Jacobs watch, Giles & Brother bolt bracelet, self-made crustal and leather cuff

All of my favorite pieces at once, an experiment I wanted to attempt after contemplating the idea of excess luxury & this sense of opulence I've been thinking about in relation to how I dress (Hello, Wu and Refinery). I'm always most intrigued by having a sense of balance and juxtaposition, which is why I have such a love for high-low styling.

Funny story about this post, I took a moment to get a glass of water from my kitchen while I was shooting in the sunlight and ended up locking myself out because I'm a smart fashion blogger.


Outside Sources


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(props to Jorge Aguilera for the pics)
James Perse Blouse, Vintage bellbottoms, American Eagle denim jacket, thrifted clutch, Gap flats

Apologies for the lack of outfit posts, I had to jump right back into homework and all that fun stuff the second fashion week ended, and of course I have these lovely shots thanks to Mr.Aguilera

That day was SO gorgeous, it hit 60+ยบ and I was breaking out the denim jacket as soon as I could. Plus, a break from the heels was WELL deserved, lemme tell ya


Faves: Pamela Love, Suno & HONOR


Pamela Love












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And that's basically all that I can say.

But no srslies my week has been NUTS! Amazing and eventful indeed.

Here I share with you my 3 favorite shows that I've had the pleasure and honor of attending. Pamela Love & Suno took place at Milk Studios this past Saturday and they was absolutely lovely in conjunction with Erin Featherston's amazing new line (more at the Tumblr ). Pamela amazes as always, I have really fallen in love with witchy jewelry and she just takes the cake. Her whole presentation was superb right down to the live music, which sounded spectacular. It was earthy and yet other-worldly.

Next up is Suno, which I cannot get enough of, right down to the fact that they are in collabs with my beloved Warby Parker!!!!

Aaaaaaand there's of course HONOR, which was just SO inspiring. Designer Giovanna Randall described the collection coming out of a memory she had of her as a child running through a supermarket with her grandmother in search of a gum ball machine. So charming and playful, she celebrated this combination of the young spirit with a more mature sensibility. Sequins, flowy silhouettes and candy colors excitedly trickled down the runway, and it was quite an experience.

I have so many more shows I could post, but I'll leave those for later days. I leave you with my favorites as I wait for my last show of the season- Stephen Burrows- on Thursday.

After that, it's back to my regularly-scheduled postings!


Deets from united bamboo






Master of makeup Dick Page taking a break


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I had a super amazing morning at United Bamboo! I stepped "backstage", which was really the upstairs level of the insanely beautiful space at Studio 450, and felt super energetic despite the chill vibes coming off the models sitting & waiting for their time to change into their outfits. The whole studio was just FULL of the most amazing morning sunlight.

I got to meet makeup artist Dick Page, who explained his thought process behind the gorgeous faces he concocted. "Heavy lower eyeliner, like the girls did it themselves, and a wash of foundation over the lips, again to make the face look almost underdone"

The clothes themselves were to DIE for. Everything looked so perfect for the weather we're having now, from the shearling-lined peacoats, to the huge, oversized cardigans and earthy colored knits. Looking at some deatils in the plaids and knits, I'm reminded of old, dusty photos of depression-era children from the mid-west (if that makes sense?), think you get a sense of what I mean from looking at the military-inspired cardigan paired with a plaid shirtdress. I really adored the peacoats since we saw the shearling/military trend for Fall 2010 almost everywhere, and this seemed like a step-up, something more polished.

All-in-all, a great way to start a very lovely Saturday.

I still have more photos to show from The Lake & The Stars, HONOR (omg you guys), Joy Cioci, Erin Featherson, Pamela Love, Suno and Kimberly Ovtiz!

However, you can see all of those images on my TUMBLR for now if y'all are impatient


Details- Rachel Comey, WHIT & Danijo





















An amazing first day of shows for sure!

Rachel Comey was, to say the least, right up my alley. Cinched AND boxy waists, pops of red & blue mixed with chunky knits and some seriously charming touches like blouses with bowties in the back of the neck and slightly flared cropped trousers. I was so distracted while I was taking pictures, I couldn't stop staring at the way your eye just follows color!

WHIT & Dannijo were two presentations that both share the air of solitude and human nature-in different ways

I was able to strike up a word with WHIT's Whitney Pozogay about the inspiration behind the collection. She described the idea being a girl going through her mom's and grandmother's closets. She told me about how when she was little she loved draping her neck with her grandmother's long strands of pearls and pairing huge fur coats with her bathing suits-as many young girls have often done in their childhoods

Dannijo's FABULOUS Fall collection was entitled Aboriginal, as in, a revert back to the very beginning of human nature. The collection was overall inspired by nature and the outdoors.

MORE TO COME! stay tuned, girlies & boy...ies...!!



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