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An amazing first day of shows for sure!

Rachel Comey was, to say the least, right up my alley. Cinched AND boxy waists, pops of red & blue mixed with chunky knits and some seriously charming touches like blouses with bowties in the back of the neck and slightly flared cropped trousers. I was so distracted while I was taking pictures, I couldn't stop staring at the way your eye just follows color!

WHIT & Dannijo were two presentations that both share the air of solitude and human nature-in different ways

I was able to strike up a word with WHIT's Whitney Pozogay about the inspiration behind the collection. She described the idea being a girl going through her mom's and grandmother's closets. She told me about how when she was little she loved draping her neck with her grandmother's long strands of pearls and pairing huge fur coats with her bathing suits-as many young girls have often done in their childhoods

Dannijo's FABULOUS Fall collection was entitled Aboriginal, as in, a revert back to the very beginning of human nature. The collection was overall inspired by nature and the outdoors.

MORE TO COME! stay tuned, girlies & boy...ies...!!


  1. wow, those accessories are divine! great photos, made me miss the cold weather. its warm again back here in manila...cant wait for the rest of the photos! =)


  2. I like it, sometimes i see things "fashion" wise that I would never wear but I like this collection.

  3. Those yellow shoes are possibly my new favorite thing! I must have them :)

  4. I absolutely love these collections! The WHIT collection is beautiful.


  5. gorrrgeous colors! i think i want everything :) love your blog, following!

  6. you got to attend these? wow! lucky girl. what WHIT did was incredible. i can envison myself in each and every single garment. the idea resonate seeing that I too like raiding my parents closets reserecing clothes form times past.



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