Faves: Pamela Love, Suno & HONOR


Pamela Love












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And that's basically all that I can say.

But no srslies my week has been NUTS! Amazing and eventful indeed.

Here I share with you my 3 favorite shows that I've had the pleasure and honor of attending. Pamela Love & Suno took place at Milk Studios this past Saturday and they was absolutely lovely in conjunction with Erin Featherston's amazing new line (more at the Tumblr ). Pamela amazes as always, I have really fallen in love with witchy jewelry and she just takes the cake. Her whole presentation was superb right down to the live music, which sounded spectacular. It was earthy and yet other-worldly.

Next up is Suno, which I cannot get enough of, right down to the fact that they are in collabs with my beloved Warby Parker!!!!

Aaaaaaand there's of course HONOR, which was just SO inspiring. Designer Giovanna Randall described the collection coming out of a memory she had of her as a child running through a supermarket with her grandmother in search of a gum ball machine. So charming and playful, she celebrated this combination of the young spirit with a more mature sensibility. Sequins, flowy silhouettes and candy colors excitedly trickled down the runway, and it was quite an experience.

I have so many more shows I could post, but I'll leave those for later days. I leave you with my favorites as I wait for my last show of the season- Stephen Burrows- on Thursday.

After that, it's back to my regularly-scheduled postings!


  1. Wow! Suno always has such fantastic prints, I'm not surprised. :D

  2. Pamela Love's pentacle pieces are absolutely stunning. That gold bangle is making me melt.

  3. Love the chunky jewellery and the shoes.
    Fantastic photos, as ever...

  4. I'm totally in love with these pics! WONDERFUL!
    COol blog!
    Follow me? I'll be very happy if you do it!
    THank you so much!




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