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Photocred goes to Moishe's skills
Vintage sweater dress, Qupid flats, Forever 21 shirt, Pomander necklace & Midas ring c/o Jewelmint, Rebecca Minkoff Boy Toy satchel

I had a fantastically chill evening hanging out with my boyfriend. Since the boys have only been in their apartment for about a week, we decided to explore the building a bit and managed to get up on the roof despite all of us needing a good 5 minutes or so to build up the courage to ricochet up some rickety metal ladders. It was totally worth it with the sun setting over the city and the perfect amount of breeze. I wore this vintage sweater that I bought second-hand over the summer. I bought it when we were in the midst of the hottest day in July, but I knew I would end up wearing it to death in the latter months. I am so glad I invested in it when I did!

I am so essited to share my two newest additions to my jewelry box courtesy of Jewelmint. Jewelmint is a super cool boutique that offers everyone a personalized selection of jewelry that is designed by none other than Kate Bosworth and her amaaaaaaaaazing stylist Cher Coulter. Believe me, this isn't really a normal celebrity-turned-designer thang, the pieces really are very thoughtfully designed and there's something for everyone! Every piece is $29.99 which is awesome for the attention to detail and quality each trinket has, lemme tell ya.

I'm OBSESSED with this Pomander charm necklace! My jaw dropped when I noticed it on the site because pomander charms aren't really worn anymore unless you can find one at an antique shop or flea market. They were designed in the Victorian era to hold a piece of scented cotton or some herbs to leave a subtle scent in the air. I put lavender in mine :]

The design of this one is just modern enough and it goes with absolutely positively everything. Same with the Midas rin that I picked up as well, I love the retro Egyptian-esque design with the beads of color running down the length of the ring, totally gives me vibes of Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra

As a special treat for y'all, if you guys sign up with Jewelmint feel free to use ze invite code HERE and the promo code BOCT50 to receive 50% your first purchase! It expires October 31st so do it up!


  1. I received a couple of items from Jewelmint, too. So excited about them! The Pomander charm necklace is quite a beauty. And loving that RM boytoy satchel!

  2. wow great post and WONDERFUL PHOTOS... they are perfect with a brilliant look! a big kiss from
    have a nice saturday :)

  3. love that bag. great colours

  4. I really love the sweater dress it looks pretty on you :)

  5. I love your outfit!
    Your style is so inspiring! Amazing blog!!!


  6. Found your blog off of Melie Bianco's site and you are such a cutie! Love the blog :)


  7. Those pictures are awesome! Love the green sweater dress.

    The Owl Girl

  8. This outfit looks perfect on you, and I love the blue bag too!

  9. love your outfit, i love your style and nice blog!!!!!

  10. We are loving the yellow knit on you!!! Super cute!! And those flats are amazing! So perfect for every day of the season!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.




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