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Happy Friday everyone!! Y'all know what that means!
First off, thank you everyone for all the wonderful comments on my last post, I'm so glad you guys are just as excited for fall as I am! So, from what I noticed, I've received a lot of feedback in my last post about the lipstick I'm wearing, and I've noticed that tends to happen when I post stuff in which I am donning a bit of color, so today I thought I'd go through my 3 faves on constant rotation.

To start, above is my favorite red lipstick of-all-time-ever-ever-ever, my YSL Rouge Volupté in Red Muse. You can see me wearing it most recently in this post. Anything else I usually go for in a lipstick is matte as life, but this one is glossy and is really the only thing own that I consider to have diva power. It doesn't have the staying power of my other two faves, but the color is just so rich and the lipstick itself has a really wonderful, velvety texture. Also, my mom and I both look great in this color, which is another one of the reasons why I love it so much.

(ps-that pursette is from Forever 21)


Stila's Long Wear Lipcolor in Paramour is another great one. Last posted about here, this color is also really nice against blue tones, so I usually find myself reaching for it in the colder months when my hair and eyes pop against the darker palate of the season. One thing, it can get a little dehydrating, so I just prep my lips with a little balm before I apply it, which, I mean, you should do anyways, but after that, this stuff stays great all day!


And finally, here's what I wore in my last post and this other one, Sephora's Rouge Cream Lipstick in Love Test.  Lemme tell ya, when they say "long lasting" on this one my dudes, they MEAN it. This line of lipsticks in Sephora's namesake collection is absolutely amazing, you totally 100% get your money's worth with their incredible staying power and vibrancy. I plan on getting like, maybe, 5 more colors in this line because they're so dependable

Side note on the nails!: Just yesterday Natalie and I went showroom-hopping for some previews, and we had the BEST time over at Dietch PR  where we got to check out the latest from lines like AGAIN, In My Air and (my fave) Kahlo. We were also given Shellac manicures by CND and I really don't think I can recover from this one you guys, oh my word. Shellac, aka powerpolish, stays chip-free for about two weeks, and unlike Gel manicures, it doesn't destroy your nails. I'm not even kidding when I tell you I full-on "gasp!"ed when my nails were done because they looked so shiny and perfect! Definitely a recommendation, best manicure I've ever had for sure!! 


  1. waahh so glad i found your blog via natalie off duty. your blog is so amazing :) and i simply love your hair *_* now ur follower :)

  2. I just ADORE those color shades! Love your blog :)


  3. all great colors, red is my all time favorite and it's what I wear all fall.


  4. Great colors, I love the YSL Rouge Volupté but i'm definitively getting the Sephora's Rouge Cream Lipstick since i'm looking for my perfect shade of red lipstick and its also more economic. Thanks for sharing!

    The Owl Girl

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  6. I've been loving red lipstick for fall! That YSL lipstick looks decadent!




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