All Hallows



From l to r:
AllSaints dress, Alexander McQueen boots,Gareth Pugh shred dress, Raquel Allegra sweater, Balmain jeans and pin dress, Asos collar tips, Auriel Bidermann ring, Jason Wu dress, Gryphon sequinned top, Skull brooch, Balmain red leather dress, Gareth Pugh chiffon detail pants, Lanvin cream gown.

Yes, my pretties, we all know what today is! 
I'm more of an icky-creepy-Rocky-Horror-Beetlejuice kind of Halloween person. I love my fair share of Tim Burton movies (well, more like all of them) and I'm secretly sad I'm getting older because I stil love trick or treating. 

My festivities were disrupted by work today, so the selection of photos of my costume are few until I go off to my bff Elanna's house for un partay. I decided this year to go as La Marchesa Luisa Casati, one of my all-time favorite figures in fashion history. An eccentric Italian heiress in the early half of the twentieth century, she served as muse and patron to the arts after winning over the admiration of artsits everywhere who were drawn to her insanely alluring look and impeccable & eccentric sense of style. She was photographed, painted and sculpted by numerous artists including Man Ray and Augustus John. 

La Marchesa enjoyed taking strolls with her pet cheetahs, wearing live snakes as jewelry and going out naked under an assortment of furs. Nude servants decked in gold leaf attended her and she kept wax mannequins as dinner guests when she was alone. 
I mean, how could you not love that?!

I, unfortunately, do not possess an amassed fortune to afford a pet cheetah or a small plethora of fur garments (ew anyway) to make things more convincing. I can, however wear tons of black lace, kohl my eyes and carry a cheetah print calf hair clutch in place of the real deal for tonight.

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  1. I LOVE your cheetah substitute, haha how cute! And you actually do look so much like her! xxAnisa

  2. Loooove the allsaints dress, mcqueen boots, balmain jeans and pin dress, the snake ring, skull brooch, lanvin gown sooo goddess like ♥ and looove
    the Gareth Pugh chiffon detail pants, VERY COOOL!! Looove the idea of it! ♥

    WOOW....La Marchesa is intresting. This is the first time i heard of her, and I hoenstly wiki'd her just now.
    I wow'd @ the part of her wearing false lashes when she was being buried. She def. is eccentric. :)
    The pic of her in this post, her eyes are soo scary. O.o
    I rather look at your eyes lol, love the kohl eye make up on you, you look pretty. :)

    Happppy halloweeen!! :D


  3. All of those items are perfection, love <3



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