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Found dress, vintage belt, (thrifted) Miss Sixty heels, regular 'ol athletic socks

Here we go, first outfit post of my freshman year! Woo! I live across from Stuyvesant park, which is SUPER nice considering how I can shoot outfit posts in peace without seeming like an egotistical maniac around the students living in my dorm building.

So, this dress has a pretty interesting story behind it.
There I was, walking down Broadway and throwing out an apple three days ago, when a piece of gold fabric draped over a paper bag from Opening Ceremony caught my eye on the side of the concrete. Someone had trashed a fairly large bag full of vintage and designer clothes on the side of the street!

Now, under normal circumstances, I would have been too grossed out to be rifling through a mysterious bag on the side of the street in Manhattan (yikes, yikes and double yikes), but the stuff in the bag was SO COOL. I adopted this number I'm wearing here and a few other pieces carrying the names of Yigal Azrouƫl, Cheap Monday & Opening Ceremony on their labels. One trip to the dry-cleaners later, along with another tumble in the wash, and I felt confident enough to let these things become wearable in my life.

So yeah! And these socks were just some athletic socks I picked up at a 99¢ store near me. I love how the color just perks up an ensemble a little bit. And it's also nice considering how very difficult it is for me to wear yellow or mustard without looking ill...

So excited you guys!! Classes start tuesday! My pictures are bound to improve seven-fold... I hope!


It Begins!


The view from my dorm





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Oh, Claire, you're weird


So here I am. Photo major at Parsons. Holy crap.

Thus far, transitioning here has been pretty good. I was born and raised in NYC, so moving back has been easy in terms of knowing how to get around and all that good stuff.

I'm living in the Stuyvesant dorm building for us New School freshman and I looooove living so close to St.Mark's (good food and dollar pizza!) along with being within close proximity of Union Square, the L & N trains and a handful of decent thrift/vintage shops (The Cure thrift shop, east manhattan thrift ect..). Now that I'm living in NYC, I'll be doing way more blog-related projects and collaborations within the near future, I'm so excited I'm practically bursting!!

Ay, on a side note, I really miss my boyfriend Joe, he's back in Buffalo being awesome.

joe & me

Outfit post within the next 3 days! I have meetings and "boot camp" for the BFA photo program. Until then, let's hope I don't pass out from stress!!

OOH! Side note, here's my room mate Nadia's Tumblr. She's groovy.


Animal Crackers


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Thrifted blouse, belt and overalls, MIA wedges, dad's watches

These were taken while I was at work when it was SUPER windy out, hence the lack of full-length shots.

Isn't that belt far out? I found it at my favorite thrift store a few weeks ago and it's been worn constantly with anything I have that's high-waisted. I love how the animals add this child-like charm while the tough leather gives it an interesting dose of grungy polish!

T-minus 19 hours 'till I'm in Parsons! Oh boyyyy!!!


I am Claire, I wear two watches







Thrifted romper, thrifted shirt, LDT wedges, dad's watches, Vintage Dooney & Bourke bag with a vintage scarf

Kind of a short post as I'm packing my head off. Man, I CANNOT wait to start figuring out how I'm gonna take outfit photos in my dorm building without seeming like an egotistical weirdo. Boo yah.




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LOGO Instant Chic
cardigan, (thrifted) Jcrew blouse, F21 shorts, Jessica Simpson heels, vintage necklaces

Lori Goldstein, stylist to the stars and one of the great names in the fashion industry (having worked on countless editorials for magazines like W and Vogue Italia), was more than kind enough to send me this cardigan from her LOGO Instant Chic line for QVC.

I love the quirky little details from the pleated ruffles, to the sheer chiffon back & the loose fit. I think the biggest plus though is how easily this piece acts as a pop of color to a mostly blah-colored ensemble. Boom. Awesome.

You can get more of Logo via facebook or twitter!

(A big thanks to Karen R. for this super cool opportunity!)



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