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The view from my dorm





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Oh, Claire, you're weird


So here I am. Photo major at Parsons. Holy crap.

Thus far, transitioning here has been pretty good. I was born and raised in NYC, so moving back has been easy in terms of knowing how to get around and all that good stuff.

I'm living in the Stuyvesant dorm building for us New School freshman and I looooove living so close to St.Mark's (good food and dollar pizza!) along with being within close proximity of Union Square, the L & N trains and a handful of decent thrift/vintage shops (The Cure thrift shop, east manhattan thrift ect..). Now that I'm living in NYC, I'll be doing way more blog-related projects and collaborations within the near future, I'm so excited I'm practically bursting!!

Ay, on a side note, I really miss my boyfriend Joe, he's back in Buffalo being awesome.

joe & me

Outfit post within the next 3 days! I have meetings and "boot camp" for the BFA photo program. Until then, let's hope I don't pass out from stress!!

OOH! Side note, here's my room mate Nadia's Tumblr. She's groovy.


  1. congrats on the big move!
    It's so exciting to find yourself in a huge new city~

    (I'm moving to Calgary for school soon, myself)


  2. me flipan y reflipan tus botas!!

  3. Love your blog it's awesome!

  4. yay college! Hope you're getting settled in and having a blast!

  5. AH my little sister Jordan is a freshman fashion merchandising major and one of my other friend Olivia just transfered there for photography. You should all hang out!

  6. I have friends who lived in Stuy and Loeb last year and a couple living in both this year. Maybe I'll see you around! I go to Columbia but make it downtown pretty often.

  7. wow, parsons, that's so cool! what type of photography are you studying? :)

  8. You are just so beautiful there isnt words... great blog!



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