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Found dress, vintage belt, (thrifted) Miss Sixty heels, regular 'ol athletic socks

Here we go, first outfit post of my freshman year! Woo! I live across from Stuyvesant park, which is SUPER nice considering how I can shoot outfit posts in peace without seeming like an egotistical maniac around the students living in my dorm building.

So, this dress has a pretty interesting story behind it.
There I was, walking down Broadway and throwing out an apple three days ago, when a piece of gold fabric draped over a paper bag from Opening Ceremony caught my eye on the side of the concrete. Someone had trashed a fairly large bag full of vintage and designer clothes on the side of the street!

Now, under normal circumstances, I would have been too grossed out to be rifling through a mysterious bag on the side of the street in Manhattan (yikes, yikes and double yikes), but the stuff in the bag was SO COOL. I adopted this number I'm wearing here and a few other pieces carrying the names of Yigal Azrouël, Cheap Monday & Opening Ceremony on their labels. One trip to the dry-cleaners later, along with another tumble in the wash, and I felt confident enough to let these things become wearable in my life.

So yeah! And these socks were just some athletic socks I picked up at a 99¢ store near me. I love how the color just perks up an ensemble a little bit. And it's also nice considering how very difficult it is for me to wear yellow or mustard without looking ill...

So excited you guys!! Classes start tuesday! My pictures are bound to improve seven-fold... I hope!


  1. That's one of the best and possibly groolest (thank you, Mean Girls) stories of finding vintage treasures I've ever heard. I love the pattern of that dress! And the socks-- I love a dark mustard/golden yellow, they give the whole outfit a nice POP.

    Toast with Charmalade

  2. I think you are finally winning me over to the socks with open toed heels movement lol

  3. That dress is to die for! Who is the crazy person that would throw that away? lol!
    Love ur blog btw. I've been following it for nearly a year (stalker) but this is the first time I'm commenting. I promise I'll comment more often now!


  4. You got that dress from the street? Amazing how lucky you are :)
    Love the popping color from your socks also!

  5. really cool look! looove the socks! Nice blog!


  6. i LOVE the dress! and it has quite the story to it :)

  7. You have like no waist.
    It almost looks photoshopped, yet I know it's not.

    A bag of fun, is what you found. How cool. And... I wonder... what do stores do with their leftover stuff? Like, I know the Targets in our area give their last-year stuff to the secondhand stores in town, but what about the DESIGNER peeps? Isn't that a good question...? They don't chuck 'em all in the garbage, do they?

    Or, even TopShop and online stores. What happens to that size 9 shoe that no one buys?

    I'm clueless, but you are gorgeous!

  8. cool! good luck in school :) xx

  9. You are so lucky to find that bag of clothing! Lucky it was in your size too! I love that dress so much, and the socks really complement it.

  10. Love your socks! Such a great look overall!


  11. Um... so those socks are the coolest thing ever.

  12. Awesome story... sooo jealous! And love the yellow socks!

  13. gorgeous! those yellow socks look so good on u! :)


  14. you must indulge me on this magical segment of broadway so i can loiter around the area until another bag full of pretty clothes gets dumped on the sidewalk

  15. Congratulations on your surprise find! It looks gorgeous on you- the fit is great! Maybe it's New York trying to charm you out of missing home or loved ones. It'd work for me! :)

  16. claire! what an amazing find! keep your eyes and heart open in the great nyc..and your sure to find amazing treasures and experiences! best of luck to you lady. look ya up when i get down there :)


  17. sighs!
    i enjoy swooning over your lovely pictures!
    they are all kinds of fancy!
    thanks for sharing them with the world!

  18. That is definitely one amazing story you got there! I LOVE the scales pattern of that tunic dress. Truly Faboo!!


  19. One person's trash, is another person's treasures! Great finds!


    Ernest B.

  20. Best outfit post I have seen in a while and your legs are perfection!

  21. love the yellow socks. its a great punch of colour.

    p.s. You're really beautiful and I hope you know that.


  22. Cute socks, They would go great over tights.



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