Room sweet Room








thrifted blouse dress, Zara Man sweater, thrifted cardigan, F21 & vintage tights, vintage scarf, Adderbite ring, Gap flats

I'm back in Buffalo for winter break! Thus far I've been having a lovely time catching up with le boyfriend, listening to Rufus Wainwright, making pancakes for my friends, eating Tex Mex and playing with my camera equipment. It's crazy how much I missed my bedroom, you guys....


soooooo the ring...

this is probably the most badass thing I own at the moment. It's all I asked for for Hannukah and I am beyond pleased with it.

If you wanna get one yourself, you can find them pretty much anywhere online, Just Google 'Adderbite ring". This one's from methinks


Briana said...

Loving the layered tights. Will definitely need to try that myself.

Charmalade said...

I always thought your room was le cool with its hot lights and window seat. I dig the layered look!

Toast with Charmalade

duckalicious said...

wow, a giant rubber ducky! =)

holly said...

o wow I'm loving the idea of layering tights! Thats a really good idea.

And your room is fantastic! I just got back to Buffalo for the holidays as well, except I don't have a cool room to chill in. haha. But I'm loving being back in all the snow :)


Christy said...

I love your tights. So cute!

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