Close for Comfort







F21 blouse and tights, thrifted overalls, boots c/o Wanted, vintage necklaces & belt, Giles and Brother bracelet

Lounging in comfy stuff, watching cartoons & organizing photos from the holiday weekend!

These boots were generously sent my way thanks to Wanted Shoes & I gotta say I love 'em! Unfortunately, they aren't terribly useful in the snow, but they have great traction and will be perfect for walking to class in back NYC (although there seems to be way more snow there than here these days!). You can get them HURR!

New Years is close at hand! Celebrations are to be prepared for!
Until then, I'm staying comfy :]


  1. love your belt and shoes!

  2. the belt is so cool! i am jealous you have all that lighting equipment at home! it's amazing!


  3. thanks so much for stopping by claire! your blog is amazing, and the fact your name is claire is all the better :)

    your overalls are soooo adorable by the way, im seriously in love with them!

    ooohh and following now :)

  4. Your belt is so sweet. I love jewelry with animals.

    Really cool outfit!

  5. love your look great...!!!!1

  6. I am soooo in love with this outfit. Overalls? Who knew!!


  7. Hey, I have that belt! The animals look exactly the same. Weird coincidence.

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  9. Thanks for the feedback everyone!

    Samantha-Thanks a bunch! The photo equipment is my dad's, he's a professional photographer so I use his stuff all the time for my own work. It's convenient, I definitely miss having hot lights back in my dorm!

    Becca- that's so cool! I do love this belt a ton, it's super charming! Glad my love for its design is shared by another owner!

  10. Your belt, your belt! That, in addition to the bangle, is my absolute favorite part of this. It's so quirky!

    teri at

  11. Your boots are so nice- it says they are from wanted- is that wanted shoe co?? what brand ??

  12. Felicité- The boots are indeed from a company called Wanted, you can click on the brand and you'll be directed to the product page :]



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