The Safety Blanket


Vintage Tee
Stella McCartney vest...thing
Vintage wool cardigan via Graceland
Theyskens' Theory bag
Margiela pants
Ann Demeulemeester boots
Vintage sunglasses

I was in a fugue state when I packed for Buffalo.  It's like, a 45 minute plane ride from NYC, but the weather is quite, quite different. Buffalo is, as you'd expect, quite cold, and DRY. If there is any trace of a breeze, it cuts through you like a knife.

The thing about this asymmetric top from Stella McCartney is that it can be thrown over my lap like a blanket if I'm a wee bit chilly, so on the surface this item that feels a little silly and non-functional ended up being quite useful for windy walks and leisurely lounging. Call it grandpa chic with this cardigan, or perhaps more fittingly: a portable safety blanket.



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