After Years of Collecting: A Charm Bracelet's Worth of a Choker Necklace


After a lifetime of collecting charms and I finally filled a bracelet! The sound this thing makes is divine, like what I'd imagine a jewel sparkling would sound like if such a thing were possible. I decided to turn this thing into a choker on a whim one day by attaching it to another chain I had laying around, and I was SUPER into it with my hair shaved! I'll continue to wear it like this with ratty T-shirts :)

Here's a tour of what we got

Adirondack chair for my childhood spent in Northbrook Lodge
A revolver with a spinning "chamber" just about the weirdest charm that came on a bracelet my mom found years ago, it was alongside the cup that says "baby" and a book that says "I Love You" on the same bracelet
Gum ball machine with retracting coin slot
A crown
A toilet with a seat that opens and closes because of course
A cup that says "BABY" no clue
A crate of oranges for my grandparents in Florida
A book that says "I LOVE YOU"
A cat that goes in and out of a trash can a Valentine's day present from Jevins in 2020
An egg that opens to reveal a yellow chick
A birdcage with a bird inside
An hourglass with white sand, 3 seconds
A soccer ball 
A moving (!!!) Punch and Judy puppet show, the back features a crank that allows them to beat each other up 
A pretzel for my lifelong New Yorker status
A cocktail shaker with a tiny devil inside
Milagro depicting a pair of eyes
A medallion that says "I'll never STOP loving you" on a stop sign

Got a whole lifetime left to fill up the other chain.
Also, not sure if you noticed, but yes, I do put blush on my neck- a Studio 54 kinda trick!



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