A Visit With Catbird (I Have a Permanent Bracelet Now)


So here's something I wasn't expecting to do this year: I got the chance to visit the Catbird HQ 

You know Catbird - purveyors and designers of the daintiest, slightly magical, poetic jewelry offerings, and re-imaginers of wearables, responsible for the ring stack. 
I first heard about Catbird back in 2009, when I took part in the Weardrobe bloggers' conference (De Lune was 'Faboo' before I could learn about "personal branding"). Kelly Framel, in her most elegant glory, was donning probably 3 or so golden threadbare rings on her fingers, and I had never knew jewelry could be like that. I was so accustomed to fine jewelry being these formidable heirlooms or treasures your mom would suggest you look at while perusing the mall.
Instead what sparkled back at me from across the table, clutching the stem of a wine glass at dinner , were these rings the thickness of several strands of hair. Something clicked - the whisper thin gold was so casually worn and yet so incredibly delicate. It was so captivating for me as a teenager, and it's a story I repeated to the kind and creative ladies who took me on a tour of the offices- now 10 years later from when I first saw the rings

The team at Catbird assembled a group of us blogger-types, and led us on a tour of the office-slash-studio-slash-workshop. there were neatly organized drawers at every turn, full of bits 'n bobs and fully-assembled orders alike. D├ęcor reminded me of what you'd expect a working girl in nyc media would decorate her first apartment with: a mix of eclectic antiques and photos of loved ones; each jewelers' workstation equipped with impressive soldering machines, trays of sparkly stones and wisps of chain. Everywhere I turned there was a reflective surface: from the pools of light from mirrors on walls and tables alike, to the glass cloches protecting pearls and a disco ball hanging in a corner or two; light was everywhere, and in every turn there was something to catch it. 

soon after the tour of the battlestations, I got my permabracelet! I cannot for the life of me settle on a tattoo design, but offer me the chance to wear a sparkly thing forever and I will show you my wrist.
Fun fact about the chain Catbird uses for this: it's a twisted rope chain that stretches comfortably over time while offering a nice sparkle.

I have had my bracelet for ~3 months now and I love it! It was a little snug at first, which the technician consulted with me about- I can attest it stretches to your wrist and the feeling of it is relatively unnoticeable.

Wearing two Tomboy rings, a sweet nothing ring, twisted stacker and a 14k Forever Sweet Nothing Bracelet that I can now only remove with scissors.

The Greco Lariat, which I wear on the reg

Thank you to the sweets at Catbird for opening your doors for a visit! It's certainly one for the books, and the 17 year old inside me who was dazzled by a thin wisp of gold doubly thanks the team for consistently creating the stuff of dreamy dreams.

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