Jewelry? Sunglasses? Nah, they both.


Molly Rose sunglasses
Jacquemus sweater
Vintage strap dress
Thank you Jake + Char for letting me watch your cat and use your bedroom <3

Spent the last month or so focusing on day-jobbin' and other projects. It's funny, I know that Instagram is the thing bloggers influencers are supposed to pay attention to, but I find Instagram exhausting and not as fun as it used to be- I put way too much pressure on myself to appear a certain way on there- so I'd rather just put a bunch of photos and stories on here. There's more room to goof off a little more on De Lune, which is nice.

Anywhose, LOOK AT THESE SUNGLASSES! Ain't they fun? They have a fabulous story-

Molly Rose takes sunglass frames, and replaces the rigid plastic arms with these sterling silver chains that feature different dangle designs to drape behind your ears. Very 60's, very awesome.
But here's the thing about these frames: they are inclusive for those who are hearing impaired, and wear hearing aids day-to-day.  For those who wear devices like hearing aids, these frames compliment the technology that help make hearing and speaking easier- plus, they look DOPE.

With lots of different colors and designs to choose from, the sunglasses are fun, the dangles are fun, and I hear audible gasps when I take these out of my bag, and put them on while I'm preparing to get off the train. In short, I love any piece that gets a lot of attention, and these certainly do.

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