Remixed Jil Sander SS '11


AYR coat
Cheap Monday Blouse
Minor History crossbody clutch (℅)
Vintage sweater
Vintage Levis
Vagabond heels

Raf Simons' spring 2011 show for Jil Sander had a suuuuuper strong impression on me. He called it "A mille-feuille of color."
The spring '11 shows were during my first New York Fashion Week after I started my freshman year of college at Parsons, and everyone was clamoring over the Sander spring colors- they were incredibly confident and bright hues layered on top of one another from opposite ends of the spectrum often, and anchored by a featherlight white T-shirt or button-up. The collection was something so familiar and so delightful, at the time I remember feeling like the colors really resonated with my own excitement at school.

Fast-forward 7 years later, and I saw this camel hair coat at the AYR sample sale. I immediately thought of the Sander collection. I can't remember the last time I saw a piece and had it hit an emotional chord like that. Color does that, fragrance does that.
So I get home, look for things to wear with my coat the next day, and I slowly realize I happen to have all the colors from that last look in the collection. Paired everything with the neoprene sock boots and boom- I'll be a walking mille-feuille any day.

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