Outfit: Just Add Flash


Vintage Matisse pants
Lafayette 148 turtleneck
Opening Ceremony diamond sweater
London Underground boots

Man, I think I nailed my winter coat for the year.
Snagged at the AYR sample sale, this beauty is nice and slim-cut, maxi to save me from the wind on my commutes, and made from 100% camel hair (?), which I learned is super sustainable, and the structure of the hair shaft is hollow, so it acts as a vacuum for both hot and cold air, and insulates supremely well. For $150? Friggin' score dude!!

ALSO Behold: Minor History's collaboration with Brooklyn sculptor Kat Chamberlin. The leather is painted with light sensitive white paint, making it shine in bright light, like Chamberlin's beautiful and serene neon sculptures.
The shape of this guy has three compartmental pockets, and it's turned out to be my favorite work bag because it fits my MacBook perfectly along with all my notebooks and other necessities. I hate totes that I have to fuss around and dig around in, so this has totally broken my tote bag-phobia.

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