How I Wear My Weird & Extreme Denim


I definitely have preferences when it comes to my basics. I always like to have something slightly off-kilter or unexpected about the things I could reach for everyday, and my denim collection is probably screams this the most. Here are three examples of my most denim-y denim, and how I tend to style these weird things to play up their unique quirks

Some of these looks are new, some ain't, but I tend to stick to my guns and go with some outfit elevation time and time again.

 1. My Most Extreme Flares

thank ye Jevins for these photos
These aren't JNCOs, they're Free People's Luna Flares- I snagged 'em on eBay for $30 last month and I really, really dig how they look when you walk down the street in the fall. They're fabulous for spreading leaves around the sidewalk and rustling against each kick of your foot step.

It's always tempting and easy to play up their 70's-factor, but what I've been doing lately is do this  Cabaret-inspired 70's thing, with frilly boudoir tops and woven totes. Underneath I'll wear a low pump so I can get a little lift off the ground, but not too much as to expose the shoe and shorten the jean.

2. Skirt + Jeans = Weirdly Delightful

These are BlankNYC sample jeans found at Housing Works, BUT good news is R13 makes a similar and more interesting pair 

Behold! A skirt that sometimes looks like a pair of shorts, over a pair of jeans. Too bad the trompe l'oeil wears off once you realize the skirt portion only goes over the front half of the jeans and not the back, hence the preference for the similar jeans linked in the dooblydoo.

Anyway, I almost never wear blouses with these, only T-shirts and long ass coats or dusters. Shoes are pumps or heels (not boots) since I tend to think the skinny leg looks awesome with a sharp, narrow shoe. You can take a look at these Double Classics and see what I mean- just a sneaker and Tee (A+)


3. The Ruffle Harlequin Kick Flares

Yeah these are fun, I get compliments on these alllllll the time (they even come in black too!). I usually pair this with a top featuring some kind of sleeve embellishment, like the knot in the off-the-shoulder top, just to mirror the wrist to the ankle. As for the shoes, I almost always wear a fitted ankle boot or an ankle sock with a flat so I can eliminate empty space between the kic flare and the foot.

Lemme hear from you guys! Do you ever spring for a weird basic, turned on its head and made post-modern? Lemme hear your go-tos 'cause I need more and could use the company over here on WeirdJean Island.

Here's a quick list of my go-tos when it comes to playful denim:
Asos White Denim, (predictable) Marques Almeida, R13, Cheap Monday (Ann Sofie Back has been their Creative Director forever, so the jeans are street-y and playful and affordable), Free People (for them goooooooooood flares)


  1. Its amazing and stylish Collections of extreme denim. Such a fabulous and Perfect Outfit. I like this Blog. Please try to Post Beautiful Sarees and Kurtas.



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