What's My Uniform?


Vintage silk robe
J.W. Anderson tee (eBay'd)
American Apparel shorts (℅ r.i.p)
Minor History backpack (℅)
Matisse x Kate Bosworth mary jane mules

Man, I need to smile with my teeth more.
Here's the thing about shooting a blog entirely by yourself: it takes a lot of patience with yourself- something I don't really have, but I work really hard at trying. It takes a certain amount of gumption (read: a mixture of boredom and personal unrest) to go outside, in public, and stand in front of nothing but a tripod and camera that goes off once in awhile. I get all kinds of reactions, and I know for a fact that if I walked by myself doing what I do for the blog in public, I'd probably think I was trying to prove something. But nah, this gives me something to do, so I do it, and sometimes the experimenting with trying to find a good shot gets me wrapped up in the moment, and uh, I forget to smile.

Plus, smiling at nothing but a machine feels weird. But I digress...

I now own 4-5 maxi robes/cardigans, and I think I'm starting to get an idea of what the "Claire Geist Uniform" is starting to look like, after 25 years. 
Here's what I need in my closet at all times, anywhere I go:

• a long robe that goes past my knees, in any color
• high waisted black jeans
• a piece of lingerie I can wear as a top or bottom
• a sheer thing
• an oversized turtleneck sweater, preferably in black
• a silk top
• chelsea boots
• mary janes
• a canteen purse
• an asymmetrical thing
• an ankle-length fitted skirt
• a wool coat

2/13 in one outfit, like ya see here, ain't bad!

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