A Memory


This photo sits on my shelf.

This is not actually something I took, it is, in fact, a photograph that was given to me by a street photographer named Ed, who approached me in London when I was waiting around for my classmates to find me in front of the Tate. He must've been in his 70's, elderly, but smartly dressed in a striped black and red shirt and white sport coat, black Ray-Bans and brown wingtips.

I had just turned 18 the day before. Ed just walked up to me, Brownie camera around his neck, asked if he could take my picture, did so. 
He asked me my name, told me I had a "striking presence", and took out a package of processed photographs. He scribbled something on the back of a print, handed me his photo, and thanked me before walking away.

I do not own the negative, but I have this wonderful photo that carries the kind message Ed inscribed to me on its back which says “To Claire, with love. -Ed.”


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