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ROADS Paper Pink candle 
 Helmut Lang jeans 
Aritzia tank

One of life's great pleasures is enjoying a beautiful fragrance in a space you make just for you. I forget exactly how I came to know about ROADS, but they make my hands-down favorite scents right now, because they're a publishing company and can use literature and art to easily take on the delicate, ephemeral world of scent and memory. Their fragrances are deeply emotional- my favorite perfume is Bitter End, which is based on the wild, quiet, and wet landscape of Western Ireland.

But this candle tho.
I bought this the SECOND I found out the Roads candles dropped. You wanna know what the color pink smells like? Here it is. I don't know how they nailed it so perfectly, but this fragrance, inspired by the Japanese cherry blossom tree, couples the musky, smoky scent of pachouli and amber with creamy florals like violet and rosebud, plus a touch of my favorite- bergamot. It's like a table set for tea time next to a buddhist temple. Tender, fleeting, and beautiful.

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  1. Well well well I been needing a new candle.... Def gonna check them out.




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