The Pale Redhead's Guide to Sunscreen


So when it comes to sunscreen, I can't afford to play around.

Not only do I live up to my name by being paler than a ghost (heh, Geist...get it?), and burn like nothing else- if I'm even slightly overheated, my skin turns beet-red and people think I have a sunburn anyway.

So I need sunscreen, and I reapply often. I do have my preferences though, so I figured I'd share a handy-dandy guide to my go-to formulas and precautionary habits when it comes to being in the sun.

By the way, these photos were shot on the hottest day of the year so far. 107ºF and I nearly burst into flame.

Necessary Garments: A BIG 'OL HAT. This one I'm wearing here is by Brixton and I love it. The fit is nice and snug, and the brim is super firm and doesn't fly anywhere. Not only do I need a hat to shade my face, I desperately need one to protect my hair. Red/Copper hair color fades the fastest out of any color, so I gotta be careful.

...Oh, you didn't know? Yeah, I'm naturally blonde.

Face: I've been really digging tinted facial sunscreens lately. I actually kinda need them to be tinted because my face gets RED like a tomato if I'm out too long. Like, this ain't a flush, it's like all the blood in my body rushed to my face. Most people think I've gotten a sunburn when I'm really just overheated. Picks: Nature Republic Ice Sun SPF 50, Veridatta Vital Sun True Glow SPF 50 in Blanco, Jelly Sunscreen SPF 50.

Body: I'm an absolute child when it comes to body sunscreen. I hate using lotion sunscreens because they take forever to apply and dry. Aerosol sunscreens make the application easier, but they fade super fast and need to be reapplied often, which I sometimes forget to do. Luckily, I found a bunch that go on easily and stay nicely. Picks: Coppertone Wacky Foam SPF 70 (yes, I'm serious, keep reading), Neutrogena UltraSheer SPF 100, Laroche-Posay Anthielos spray SPF 60, Biossance Revitalizer (to mix with my sunscreen of choice as a body oil)

Hair: Yes, areas of your body that are covered in hair need sunscreen sometimes. It's a good idea to protect your scalp, and if you have color in your hair, a sunscreen will help keep the fade at bay. I love Label M's Protein spray, generally it's an all-around good revitalizer, plus it's got dat SPF ya dig?

Nature Republic's Ice Sun sunscreen is one of those revelation  products that I don't think I could live without anymore. It's tinted! Feels and gives dewy coverage just like a BB cream, but the best part is that it's COLD!

 A makeup puff is kept at a chamber in the top of the can. When you press down, it distributes sunscreen into the puff, which you tap on your face and neck. It's an absolute treat on an especially hot day. Plus, it's sweat-proof!

Wearing Viadatta's Vital Sun skin Glow here. You can see I'm still a little bit red here, but this sunscreen cuts down on the brightness pretty significantly. This line is all made from natural ingredients and comes in a wider range of skin colors than most tinted sunscreens. It's a little pricey, but it stays and is one of the few things that doesn't make me break out

Behold: Coppertone's Wacky Foam. Granted, at first glance it sounds a little gimmicky since it's marketed for kids, but god, do I love it. First off, it's SO fun to use. I break it out when I'm with friends like "Watch this..." and dispense a golf-ball size amount that expands to a tennis-ball size of whipped sunscreeny delight. Almost everyone I've ever shown it to has been like, "Wait, omg I don't have to be a kid to like this! THIS IS THE BEST SUNSCREEN EVER!!!"

It's hella waterproof and goes on like a lotion, plus it dries fast and feels like a safeguard on your skin forreal. No lie, it can get pretty messyand you have to face away from the wind when you dispense it, lest it float off your hand like a renegade sunscreen cloud.

Wearing See you Never top, American Apparel shorts, Jeffrey Campbell pumps

So ye! Be safe in the sun out there, folks. And remember to reapply every 45 minutes!


  1. Yassss! Pretty girl!


  2. This is so brilliant. As another pale redhead, I need all the help I can get in the sunscreen world. The ice sun seems amazingggg. There are so many sunscreens I hate because they literally make my skin feel like its melting off so I am definitely going to try some of these. Gorgeous photos as always--I do not look that pretty on 107 days here in California.


    1. Thank you so much, Jenna! I'm so glad you found the post useful! "Melting off" is DEFINITELY an apropos description of most sunscreen experiences *screams internally*

      Stay sun safe and cool, literally and figuratively!



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