An Ode to My Bed


I have to thank the folks at Sealy for their Cocoon mattress because it's fixing some looooooong time back issues I was having.  My work involves sitting for long periods of time, and then springing up and walking for a while, and it wreaks havoc on my posture. I like a mattress on the firmer side, and I had this sock hard memory foam Ikea mattress for a bit, but little did I know it was doing nothing for my back- thus rendering me to a 60-year old every morning as getting up made everything hurt.

Anyway, a mattress is a 10-year commitment, so I thought I'd throw my two cents in if anyone's looking for a new bed:
Memory foam is great, it can relieve pressure points on your body, but it can also get kinda hot in the summer since you're not moving around as often, so always make sure your room has excellent air circulation, and your bedding is appropriate for the season. Studies show a cooler room will help you get to REM quickly anyway, so it's generally a good thing to do.
• This mattress comes in either Firm or Soft. You get to try your mattress for 100 days, and you can switch if you end up being for the other firmness team. I went for firm because you can make a firm mattress soft with a mattress pad, but you can't made a soft mattress firm, ya dig?
• The site is set up so you can determine what's best for you depending on whether or not you're a back, side or stomach-sleeper. I tend to mix it up in my sleep, but for the most part I sleep on my stomach, so I was also able to choose accordingly.
• Invest in your mattress. I don't think I've ever spent more money on anything in the past- not even SLR cameras. It's like buying a pair of work boots you'll be wearing every day, so it's definitely worth being the thing you treat yourself with.
I have a shit ton of pillows by design- for my head and even my feet and legs. The extra support without a crazy level of elevation has been great. My favorite ones were salvaged from thrift stores (the shaggy one) and second hand shops like Dusty Rose. Muji also has fabulous bedding- the gingham pillow cases and duvet cover here are from Muji. 
•ALSO- very important, I have at least one silk pillowcase to keep my hair soft and my complexion even. Honestly if you haven't tried silk pillowcases, they're pretty inexpensive and one of life's great pleasures.

Mattress provided by Sealy.
All opinions are my own.



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