UNIF x UO coat with antique pins, shirt via etsy, vintage Levis, vintage Miu Miu heels, Etienne Aigner Stag Bag (℅)

Once again, Blogger's photo quality continues to be a craw in my side, but if you're gonna be lazy about your blog format, you gotta live with it and use Flickr's dumbass new system to get the quality you want.
AAAAaaanyway, it took me forever to start wearing these beautiful vintage Miu Miu kitten sandals. They're not fun to walk in (not that they're meant to be walked in for more than 3 blocks, really), and walking up stairs is particularly straining on my heel, but hopefully multiple wears will nix that issue. The matching red socks were a lovely happy accident when I just threw the shoes on with them on when I went downstairs to retrieve some takeout or something, but those kinds of split second decisions tend to be favorite things that I end up repeating- like I did here to femme-up the thrown-on jeans and half-tucked shirt.


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