Free People top (℅), AG jeans (℅), Plukka Bullet necklace (℅) with a vintage ring via Horizons, chain of a Giving Keys necklace (℅), By Boe rivet thumb ring (℅)

My favorite sort of thing to experiment with: jewelry!
To break the monotony of what I usually wear during the week, I decided to go back into my jewelry trove and pick out a few things I hadn't put on in a while; namely my Giving Keys necklace and my Plukka bullet necklace, which I used to wear with my monogrammed signet ring a few years back, but since decided it was far too damaging for the ring my parents both designed for me when I was 10. Instead, I added a lovely silver and bright garnet ring to the bullet charm.

Experimenting and giving my pieces new uses means trying new stuff and breaking my own expectations for things. Kind of a sartorial version of Louis C.K.'s own personal practice of starting his stand-up shows with the joke he would normally end with (you can watch him break that down here). I loved the chain on my GK necklace and I've experimented with it before, but this time, I decided to make it into a body chain. The twist in this buttery soft FP top accentuates the chain a bit and adds an extra element of play.



  1. Loveee how you layered the necklaces and jewelry! It's easy to almost add too much, or have them all clash but you did just the right amount, not looking too much or too little!




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