Summertime // July 4th Origami Bandana DIY



I enjoy wearing scarves-as-bras over T-shirts from time-to-time (as seen previously in the winter too). It's something that adds a pop of color and some cheeky flair to any top/dress you like, and now that it's warmer out, you can totally give your boobs the extra love they deserve and wrap them up in crop tops and bathing suits instead of a turtleneck and an oatmeal sweater. Let 'em breathe, let 'em out- that's what I say.

Now, there's something about bandanas and the summer-
 it's because bandanas are handkerchiefs after all- meant to wipe the sweat from your brow as you work a field or play baseball or fix a roof. Perhaps that's why because Opening Ceremony did a bandana-clad collection a bunch of seasons back, and now we seem to have this reoccurring trend of ladies wearing 'em around their necks again. In any case, here's a fancier take on a bandana bra top with fancy fold-overs to add some flair to your next t-shirt:


Start with two bandanas and tie them together with a knot at the top corners. I get all of my 'danas from Dusty Rose Vintage because we have a TON of them.


Tuck one side under your arm to keep it in place as you grab the inner-bottom corner, and fold the remaining top corner over it.


Like so.


Now gather the remaining ends and wrap around your chest to your back. Tuck your folded side under your arm as you repeat on the other side, and finally double knot the ends together at your back.


Yes, Queen. 

Happy 4th of July, everyone.



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