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CLOTHES by American Two Shot top & Skirt (℅) , vintage Calvin Klein jacket from DRV, Vintage buttons from Junk, Vans lowtops, House of Holland sunglasses (℅) 

Children, I have returned.
These past two weeks have been hell on earth. Let's just say I had to do all the things one is not supposed to do during mercury retrograde (like find an apartment) and things went just as awry as one would expect. But decisions are over and done with, paperwork has been signed, and I'm moving to Bushwick with Arabelle. Stoked, to be honest, now that it's over. I treated myself with a haircut this week too.

But behold: American Two Shot's in-house brand: CLOTHES! Made in the USA with love and devotion by girls who fuckin' know how to dress and kill the game with ART GOD DAMMIT.

A little intro: American Two Shot is a shop and gallery in downtown NYC founded by two best friends: Olivia & Steph. The two of them opened ATS back in 2011, and they've consistently kept the vibe of the shop ridiculously cool. First off, there's a lovely coffee shop before you hit the shop portion of the store, and as you make your way to the back when you go inside, you feel as if you've stepped into a giant plastic diamond sitting on a crossword puzzle. It's colorful, frothy, smart as hell, and irresistibly approachable in that all the stuff is beautiful, but not without a sense of humor. The clothes, accessories, and trinkets they carry are meant to be worn by someone with a brain, truly, and that is what made me fall in love with the place when I first stepped inside maybe 3 or so years ago.

Everything in the store serves a purpose, whether it's to make a point to carry the desirable pieces, handmade by artists who care, or to encourage mindfulness by offering incredible vintage and producing their in-house line ethically; it's high/low, it's new and old, it's just fucking great, and I'm glad they're giving Grand street a little more imagination.

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  1. Great post, love that look on you!! Amazing photos love!

    XOXO, Jessi

  2. I'm sorry that it's been a rough week, but, I love your outfit! <3



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