Lush has cured many of my ignorances when it comes to the cosmetic industry, so I've gone ham.
There are plastics, like microbeads, in many exfoliants.
 These plastics are unnecessary and their production is environmentally costly.
You don't need these plastics to buff yo sweat off. 
Solution: use exfoliants that only contain natural scrubby-stuff and revel in your intelligence.

 Also I'm going to urge ALL OF YOU who can to treat yourself by obtaining a pot of Life's A Beach because holy shit. It's basically a blend of sand, salt and other botanicals, which when mixed with water creates the most luscious, divine, gardenia-y, vanilla-y body scrub I've ever used in my life. It keeps my skin soft and the scent just STAYS. Like, I take showers a few hours before bed, and it makes my bedding smell delicious when I sleep. I mentioned this on Twitter and it's 1000000% true.

 I don't think I've ever given a cosmetic this high of a seal-of-approval, come to think of it.

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  1. I've been really into the vagabond brand of shoes. Not my usual style but love how versatile and comfy they are.



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