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Yes, kids, it's time to explore the stuff I'll be allowing into my pores this season, from hair stuff to face stuff, I gotchoo, bb.

The only line working for my hair right now

Let me tell you a little bit about Living Proof's curl line for a second because GOTDAMN.
I don't know, guys- I think this might be it: I think I might've finally found the best products for my curls so far.

As I've mentioned before, curly hair has some pretty specific needs. It's gotta be hydrated and fussed over in order for it to stay bouncy and shapely. I've been using Arrojo's curl creme, and it was working getting the job done, but I was really curious about Living Proof's system and wanted to see if it would make a difference.
And uh, yeah, it has.
First of all, they've got a cleansing conditioner, which I've used before (Wen has a really nice one too) and it's a better choice for when your hair starts to feel weighed down but you don't wanna strip it. But the real ass-kicker is their Detangling Rinse, which is something I had never heard of before aside from No Tears...
The Detangling Rise is a water-activated gel you quickly run through your wet hair to detangle and align your strands. It's one thing I never really though about: in order for your hair to curl properly, each twist has to come alive. This stuff helps any leave-in conditioner or curl product really do its job because it can get around separate curls, and boy, has it. The gif of my hair is how my hair looked a full day after washing my hair.

Daily Essentials

1.Ojon's Flyaway Tamer - This Stuff magically zaps away frizz. You just take the brush and swipe it over your frizz. Boom, hair is back from the dead in seconds.
2.Christian Dior Lip Balm - Honestly, Glossier's Balmdotcom is a bit better than this stuff for the price, but I was such a sucker for the packaging that I splurged on it. Good thing is, it's super mild and has the most beautiful rose scent like, I die.
3.MAKE Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Fire - My. Favorite. Lipstick. Ever.
4.WEN's Volumizing powder - Volumizing powders tend to smell really weird and they make hair feel kinda "dirty" ('cause essentially, that's what it's doing). WEN's stuff is great because it feels amazing and minty and doesn't smell like it's expired corn starch.
5.Glossier's Build-able Daily Moisturizer - Light, absorbs quickly, and makes me feel more awake after I've been walking around the city all day.

Glossier's Galaxy Greens Pack and Moisturizing Moon Masks

Yeah, son! Got to give these masks a whirl after hearing about 'em as a duo for a bit, and they have not disappointed.
So the skinny is that the Greens mask is a clay-based, nutrient-rich treatment that aims to "detoxify" your complexion and introduce some nice vitamins into your pores. I love clay masks, they draw stuff out and put good stuff in quite effectively, although as the folks at LUSH have told me, you should never leave a clay mask on long enough for it to dry out completely, because it'll dry your skin out as the mask loses its moisture. Glossier suggests you leave this mask on for 20 minutes, but it should be mentioned that you should apply a healthy amount of the mask to your face to keep it from drying out too quickly- I had to up my application before I started to see some improvements in brightness, so don't be shy!

Speaking of moisture, the other delightful half of this mask duo is the Moisturizing Moon mask, which hydrates quite nicely and is my favorite part of my pre-bedtime ritual. 20 minutes on and I'll make myself some chamomile tea, read an article or three and then brush my teeth before washing it off.

(When I feel like wearing any)

1. Diorshow Mascara - I mean, to be perfectly honest, Mascaras with fat brushes work pretty uniformly for me. For one thing, either I wear mascara or I go without it and just wear eyeliner. I splurge on this stuff because I have become so seduced by its rose scent...
2. NARS' concealer and liquid eyeliner - I've worked with Jenny Smith, a head makeup artist at NARS, and she's a great friend who showed me how to properly apply makeup without getting fussy. She also convinced me to start wearing tinted moisturizer, which I ocasionally spring to NARS for as well. My other tinted moisturizing situation comes from Glossier's tint.
3. MAKE Cosmetics' Brow pen - Just for a teeny, tiny bit of fill. I usually don't go overboard


MAKE Cosmetics' Matte lipstick in Scarlet and Silk Cream Satin lipstick in Hudson Red
What can I say? I love MAKE to death- their packaging, their vision.. it all goes back to WE SEE BEAUTY, a beautiful design collective dedicated to encouraging women to lead in business. The makeup is beautifully made and it pushes possibility in color. 



Lush Costmetics' Dirty Springwash shower gel, Pot 'o Gold shower jelly & Karma Kream
Not pictured, but addicted to all the same: Fresh Farmacy facewash. Jeebus, I love Lush, always have. They're incredibly inventive with a total commitment to ethical practice, but they keep it light with a cheeky approach to cosmetics and bath products. Basically, I love how all this stuff smells. As for Fresh Farmacy, it's the best facewash I've ever used, and $5 worth lasts for two months!

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  1. I am a big fan of Lush cosmetics. They're products always work on my skin. I have to try that awesome looking Pot O' Gold!

    The Office Stylist

  2. How many great products, need to try those for curly hair!

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