Easy Enough







vintage jeans and tee shirt via Dusty Rose Vintage, Calypso cardigan via Bib+Tuck, Candela shoes, vintage Coach purse

Holy crap, is this is?? Is this what Spiring feels like???
Shiiiiiet I finally get to go out in nothing but a damn cardigan, praise be the goddesses!
Behold my mom jeans and tremble at their weird charms- not always super sexy but that's kinda the point, don't you agree?


  1. Great sense of color mixing the outfit.
    Goes pretty well with the hair and skin tone. Nice palette. Pics were done with tripod or some willing friend?
    Liked specially the second one, the colors are so nicely even. Good sense of rule of thirds there.

    And damn you're pretty...

  2. I really love those shirt and jeans!

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  4. Love the occult necklaces paired with the mom jeans. An odd pairing of styles is always more interesting than a predicable pairing. More talisman pieces http://mkmk.bigcartel.com/



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