ARROJO Resurrects My Curls


My hair after just using Grace's styling tip

About 5 months ago, I noticed something wasn't quite right with my hair.
Slowly but surely, my hair had begun to lose its curl, and it freaked me the hell out; I mean, to say that I didn't feel like myself is an understatement, not that I ever would have expected to feel that way, but I surely did. I didn't have any volume and my curls had fizzled out to wispy sections, and I was worried that I was going to have to start getting used to looking a bit different.

So my first instinct was to go to Grace, my go-to stylist at Arrojo, who took one look at me and pretty much read my mind: "Where are your curls, girl??" and yeah, I broke down like "FIX MY HEAD, DUDE!!".

Turns out a lot of women go through hair texture changes like this. Another senior stylist at Arrojo, Lina, told me that a number of things could have been making my hair turn: hormonal changes, having my hair colored for too long, using the wrong products... all kinds of things could have effected it. The hormonal changes thing struck me though, because my hair was straight for a very long time when I was a kid. It wasn't until I hit puberty that I started to notice my hair turning curly.

Grace heard my pleas for help and gave me a few pointers, one in particular has saved my life and has pretty much resurrected my curls with added staying power:

She advised me to combine 2-parts curl creme and 1-part styling creme, and to wind the product around sections of my hair when it's wet before diffusing it, or better yet (which I do more often), clipping the tightly wound curls and letting them air-dry. A lot of curly hair stylists have also previously recommended I "lift" the root of my hair with flat clips before in order to avoid "triangle-head", so this does that PLUS encourage shape.

If you wanna see a quick video I did of Grace applying regimen this in-salon, Click Here

fig I: the product, 2 parts curl creme (top) and 1 part styling creme

fig II: the application of fig I

I ended up getting an American Wave process done too along with my new styling regimen. American Wave is Arrojo's curl system. It encouraged my texture a bit and has filled in the wimpy spaces of my hair. And BOOM, we're back, kids!

If you're in NYC, I recommend hitting up Grace and Lina for cuts, and Francesca for color, love you, ladies! Thanks for all your help!

Hair process courtesy of Arrojo



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