Tate Foley "Evolution is Convenient"



Ping Pong Study

Delaware Study

Maybe not as fun as a camera, but extremely economical

You'd always need a refill

Sacred Knicks

Alligator Oats

Portrait Studio

Setting Traps


Fo Fana

God, I love these.
Observe: Tate Foley's Evolution is Convenient- a series of spliced Polaroids meant to, in the artist's words "..be used as a satirical sketch for where evolution could possibly take us. ahhh, the convenience of evolution." I'm currently reading The Dragons of Eden by Carl Sagan, and this just made me laugh knowing that my train read is explores the biological and cultural paradigms influenced by nature's indomitable, ingenious course, and these photos are all like, "Welp, we've gone this far, folks, who knows..."

Delights, Mr.Foley, delights.

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