AG jeans (℅), Cheap Monday blouse (℅), American Apparel cardigan (men's XL), Vintage boots, Calypso duster via Bib+Tuck (℅), Adora bag (℅)

Hello and welcome to another edition of **casual afternoon attire** (insert explosions and stuff falling on cars as I walk away with my duster floating behind me here)

Yes indeed, in spite of my mild facial expressions and easy-going body language, this seemingly neutral ensemble is epic for many reasons: 1) I can wrap the laces on these boots not one, not two, but three whole times 2) My blouse has a side tail 3) My duster cardigan is made of butter--oops, no wait, that's cashmere and 4) the tote I'm wearing was made by Adora, one of the many new design initiatives out there bringing folks a beautifully made piece direct from the craftsman, thus avoiding markups that make nobody happy. This is kind of the one bag everyone could use: it's a leather tote that can go from a square shape to a teardrop, thanks to a hidden closure inside (I like to wear it flat for the shape of it, but the tucked-in tear drop is also nice when you don't have a ton of stuff to carry around). 

OH and there's a detachable wallet. "Is my bag attached to my wallet or is my wallet attached to my bag?!" I dunno, guys, but it's a damn good basic thing to have made by hand in Tuscany for you at the same level of quality as a Prada. It's good to know these things exist, lemme tell ya.

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  1. You are looking great

  2. A cardigan on a cardigan, what great idea!

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