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Datura wrap skirt, Vintage Helmut Lang top, vintage Coach bag, Doc Martens, 3447 Ray Bans, George Frost Victory cuff

For my senior project this past May, I created a book out of a photo essay I had shot and edited about a Rag House I visited and briefly worked at in New Jersey. Since then, my view of the (fast) Fashion Industry has grown in a level of contempt, while my admiration for brands who embrace a commitment to non-waste and ethical practices has grown ten-fold. I was introduced to Datura earlier this summer, and it's one of those things that makes the cynic in me whither away into a dark corner, because their astoundingly effortless pieces mirror their manifesto in both beauty and understated seamlessness.

 In a nutshell, Datura is a New York/Barcelona-based brand committed to honoring the natural world in more ways than one: they only use natural fibers and they keep their sales online in order to ensure the line of production is simple yet thoughtful.

Whenever I collaborate with brands on here, I'm extremely concerned as to whether or not the brand has a story to tell. I was really impressed with Datura not only because their collections brilliantly deliver in a rich sense of elegance with mind-bogglingly simple appearance (at first), but also because it's a brand seriously committed to something bigger than fashion. Who cares about Fashion, really? At the end of the day, style is way more important to me; but the fashion system is a beast sometimes too big to tackle in a simple way that works parallel to style. Datura shows why it's worth putting your money where your mouth is, because honetly, for what they're cranking out, piece by piece, the price-point is brilliant and the pieces are gorgeous on anyone.

With that said, I styled this skirt in a way that might deviate from their look a little, but I've been riding this post-punk thing for a while and I'm keeping things eclectic. Behold: this Helmut Lang top is from his spring 1998 collection, and if there's a house that knows how to properly turn a basic on its head, it's Helmut Lang's. Incidentally, 1998 was the year Helmut Lang decided to scrap his plans for a formal runway show and instead show his clothes on the internet (!!!). So here are two pieces together that I thought cheekily brought everything together full-circle: the skirt made from a brand living on the internet, with a top that was part of a collection first exhibited to the world through the internet. Both pieces also exhibit some handiwork: the skirt is simply tied around the waist and knotted in the front (or whatever you like) and the top has raw edging along the bottom (which may have been the doing of its previous owner, but I'll go back and check as well as I can).

Anywho, all I'm saying is, it's better to know the stuff you wear serves a purpose other than just lookin' good.

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