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Della x UO tie-back romper (℅), American Apparel jacket, Ray Ban 3447 sunglasses, Modern Vice boots (℅)

I usually hate wearing anything purple. I don't know what it is, it's just always seemed like a silly color to me; a color I often associated with 1) Roman emperors 2) packaging used to sell things to kids or 3) A tongue being stuck out at you after it had imbibed a grape flavored popsicle. Often, others assume that it's a color I gravitate towards because it pops against my hair so much, but my dislike for it often overshadows my care for whether or not it goes against my hair. Indeed, my hair usually steers me towards more neutral stuff because it usually takes attention away from whatever I'm wearing.

However, I'm amazed to say that I have welcomed this Della romper into my closet because I was able to look past the color, try it, and totally make the decision to live in it because it's quite flattering and comfortable to boot. Della is actually a pretty great brand; it's run by women, made for women, and everything is made by a design team in Ghana. Designer Tina Tangakalis' collaboration with Urban Outfitters was brought to my attention by folks out in LA, and I was really impressed by the construction of everything. Like, although I wasn't able to get a good shot of it here, this romper has this charming tie-back detail that makes it a little more flirty and retro.

Well, that's it, I guess I'm a convert now. Better start making more grape kool-aid.

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