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J Brand jeans (ripped up by yours truly), Leifsdottir bag, vintage sweater, Modern Vice summer Jetts, Patricia Field l'il leather suspenders, Vera Meat flashin' lady necklace

A good chunk of my preferences when it comes to the tactile quality of my clothes comes out of a love for all things weird. I love pieces made from heavy fabrics, made to look like they're light, and vice versa; it's a way of reimagining what a season is and what it means to know your garment. This sweater here is bar none my favorite one. The tag boasts that it came from "Emily's Yarn Shop" in Honolulu, Hawaii, and I'm guessing it's from the 60's by the embroidery used to make the tag. It's got POM POMS IN THE YARN! And it's just a sweater, but honestly, they don't make 'em like this anymore.

Now, wearing a light gauge knit sweater right after 6pm is ideal, the temperature drops a bit, you head into restaurant for dinner or a friend's apartment, and then when you leave for the train, it's even colder than before. I gave this piece a little punk-inspired treatment with a bright, kilted shoe and some hand-ripped and cropped jeans. The suspenders allow for the sweater to kind of wilt over the top of my jeans, which keeps everything loose.

For some reason, Blogger's compressing my photos and making them look like crap. If you'd like to see an infinitely better version, just click in the pic

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