Things I actually did the day before I start a new job:
1. Take a vase of flowers from my living room, stick them in a leather bag, and then proceed to photograph them on my fire escape, because this is the internet.
2. Careened my neck to display this Nettie Kent choker, which was hammered on a damn anvil in a tiny Brooklyn studio by this badass lady who I admire a lot.
3. Slathered myself in Nuxe's body oil, which smells like Aphrodite descended from Olympus and put her hand on your cheek as you were trying to find the nectarine you packed in your bag for the beach.
4.Wrapped my hair up because if you can't tell by my face, existing in a temperature above 70ยบ makes my pale ass look sunburnt even when I've been inside all day
5. Got my La Canadienne shoes on the bed while looking at Fran Lebovitz's very composed gaze.
6. Photographed the rings I made with By Boe in an attempt to shamelessly (ha) self-promote. 

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  1. YOU LOOK SO PERTY. Love that first picture...such a cool choker! Also the flowers in the bag are awesome too. And of course, isn't a fashion blog all about self-promotion? :)

  2. That necklace is great!

    xo Jennifer



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