Jumpin' Jumpin'



Nanette Lepore jumpsuit, Jonathan Simkhai tee, Rollie sneaks, TDG's sunglasses

And now, a thing I don't normally go for, but Nanette Lepore helped me see the light that is the triacetate jumpsuit. I also don't normally do the 'sporty' thing; I usually reserve hi-tops for jeans with bad complexions (along the lines of something Pinhead here would approve of), or smock dresses to amp up their neutrality. This time, however, I was feeling a little more confident to give something different a whirl.

So, the folks down at Nanette Lepore, whom I love dearly, asked if I could style a few pieces from the new collection for an email blast, and out of the handful, this thing ended up being a little more challenging for me 'cause it's a great piece, but I've been wearing almost nothing but vintage clothes lately, so this felt so fresh-outta-the-box that I had to think for a second. It's chill though, nothing a few casual additions couldn't fix.

As for the shoes, these are Rollies. Lovely shoes, they're advertised as weighing very little, and I can attest that putting them on feels like you're walking out of the house with two slices of bread on your feet; they're incredibly light for leather shoes. They have this excellently classic shape too, like bowling shoes only more sleek and city-ready. And I was talking about neutrality before, and if ya want neutral, check out the monochrome on these bad boys.

Thanks for the shades there, Tay.

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