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Tucked Asos jumpsuit via The Bib + Tuck ClosetJonathan Simkhai tee, American Apparel jacket fitted with vintage buttons, various vintage necklaces and Keds
Okay, I'm without proper internet and I'm still in the moving-in process, but I'm alive and slowly posting. bear with me, I still have to unpack all of my crap properly.

I had a conversation with someone at Beacon’s Closet the other day about fabrics. “The thing is,” she said, “there are certain people who stay as far away from synthetic fabrics as they possibly can, and there are others who embrace them as not a product of the industry or just something ‘cheap’, but rather, as something kitschy” this totally rang true to me, as someone who either wears something synthetic and doesn’t even think about it, or completely deviates from it so that I can be more comfortable and/or more “real”...whatever that means.
The fact of the matter is, if you’re going to buy something made from a synthetic fabric, it’s better to second-hand it and totally avoid adding to the already unsurmountable waste out there. According to SMART, the Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles organiziation, each U.S. consumer throws out at least 70lbs of textiles per all, almost all of which can be recycled, and 5% of landfill waste is textiles. So not only is it less expensive is more fun to buy second-hand, it's waaaaaaaay better for the environment and your local economy.

 I totally gravitated towards this part-cotton, part-something else jumpsuit for the color and the print; totally dig it, and a jumpsuit always makes my life easier. But the whole notion of kitsch really stuck with me. And so, when I noticed that upturned pant legs revealed only one side was printed, I decided to pretend I was 8 again, and reached for my Keds rather than a strappy sandal. For me, this notion just echoes the comfort of the piece itself. Next was the tee, which is my go-to, as it adds a bit of asymmetry and a little something interesting to whatever I layer it under. And then the buttons, which I have acquired and continue to collect from a junk store not too far from my new apartment in Brooklyn.


  1. Hehe, I love your "Good-by cruel world" pin and the look overall! So much humor and cool.

    Sending well wishes to you and your new home. Looks like you found a great spot for outfit shots. ;)



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