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Currently in the process of moving and it's a huge stress.
However, the interesting thing about the whole packing-up-process is that you slowly reveal what your absolute essentials are as you pack away the things you do not absolutely need while keeping your everyday go-tos available and at the ready. Your closet becomes bare, but you keep that one pair of jeans and that one sweater for your last week in your apartment. You clear out and throw away the crap you needn't use in your medicine cabinet, but you absolutely must have that tube of lipstick and your everyday moisturizer. 

I figured hey, it's been a while since I did one of these, and double hey, now I absolutely know what I can absolutely suggest everyone have in their everyday makeup bag and medicine cabinet.
So, away we go:

The gang's all here! 

Here are the approximate amounts of my moisturizer, concealer, illuminizer, and hair stuff I use. For my hair, I mix ARROJO's hair gel and styling whip together a bit sparingly and twist the product into damp hair. A little always goes a long way for me, especially with my current haircut.

Behold: The only skin products I will ever need for the rest of my twenties.
NARS' everything is pretty much my go-to at this point. The first Nars product I ever fell in love with was the Orgasm illuminator, which I received in the gift bag at VPL's Spring 2011 Fashion Show. Second encounter was when I worked with the beautiful Jenny Smith during Nettie Kent's look book shoot, and she was SO HELPFUL. She gave me one of the best pep-talks for tinted moisturizer ever, and I have been addicted to Nars' ever since. However the star of the fleet is the concealer, which gets the job SO done after a night of a bit too much of everything. I had a hard time finding a concealer that didn't make me look like a reverse panda, so good job there Nars.

And of course, my beloved MAKE, which makes this nifty illuminating powder that is somewhat mysterious in its effectiveness. It's not glittery at all, but rather, as the name suggests, it makes your skin look dewy and lovely. I usually just dust my face with it and go out the door with nothing else if I don't feel like making up my damn self.

Supergoop's SPF 50 spray sunscreen, Mario Badescu's drying lotion, Julep's  cleansing oil, Hydropeptide mask

As far as skin goes, to be perfectly frank, everything improved once I started using birth control (hey, it's the hormones!). But since then the real issue has been the occasional flare-up and balancing skin moisture. Julep's skincare line has been surprisingly awesome, and I use their Bareface oil cleanser everyday and as a makeup remover. Badescu's legendary drying lotion is fantastic, but expensive once it becomes an everyday application and I end up running out fast. Still, it's the shit.

And that Hydropeptide mask. 
Yo. This stuff is nuts.
I was really skeptical at first because the packaging looked a little space-agey and cheesy, but this stuff hydrates the crap out of my skin and makes me look like I got a full night's sleep every time. Serious miracle. Get some.

MAKE's matte lipstick in in Scarlet, NARS' eye paint in black, Maybeline's Lash Stiletto mascara, Butter London's Wink eye pencil in Holland Park

Aaaand the makeup for the made-up face
I'm not particularly good at doing makeup, the best I can do is a cat eye situation and that's about it. I go for the gel liner most of the time and then the waterproof blue when I'm feelin' fancy, ya dig? And MAKE's lipstick is like, the best red ever. Totes perf.

So yay! There it is!
I'm wearing MAKE's Glossing powder, the NARS liner, concealer and Orgasm Illuminator here.

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