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 Asos turtleneck crop top, Noul skirt, District cardigan, Ecote shoes, Foley & Corinna backpack

A few things this month that'll hinder my posting abilities:
So I gotta make sure I got my final project done.
What is this. What is life. Such adulthood.
2. I'm moving to Brooklyn before the end of May.
Gawd help me.

Shit's gettin' real, guys.

Anyways, wearing some stuff by some people I admire. First off, we've got Brooke, the head behind District, whom I met at this past season's Capsule show. One of the great things about Capsule is that you can chat with folks who make clothes and accessories happen, and it was cool chatting with Brooke about her process and her materials. The wool she uses is crazy soft and wonderful, and for spring she's got these velour bras in jewel tones that're lookin' pretty gnar, I wrote about 'em in my Capsule picks if you wanna see 'n read more.

And this skirt! Noul is a minimal, gamine-vibin' brand based out of Toronto. I really, really dig their collections; kinda like the collective closet I would curate down to if I scrapped the side of me that loves cheesy vintage novelty prints and form-fitting tops. Their price points are quite reasonable and the silhouettes created by the clothes are quite elegant. Much recommended. Me digs.

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