Made For Pearl Baron velvet romper, vintage blouse and belt, Foley & Corinna backpack, Jenny Bird Hustle and Flow bracelet, Raen sunglasses

Man, if there is a piece I've been dying to break out, it's this fantastic velvet jumpsuit. I wanted to wait until all of the snow melted to preserve the bells, ya dig? Makes me wonder how folks forty years ago preserved their bellbottoms. I should consult my parents..

Janis Joplin's own family produces Made For Pearl; a line of beautiful, Janis-inspired pieces that are completely rendered from her life and stories (check the link, they have a great gallery of images from her life). This romper appears to be relatively simple aside from the dramatic bells, but what I had to hide under my flannel (to keep warm, y'know) are the great buttoned details at the neck and shoulder and the twist back detail, but I'll get better shots once the weather gets warmer, mark my words. In the spirit of Janis, I tied a silk scarf to my backpack for a pop of color and some movement.

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